Easily create calendars and events

We provide a dead simple interface for generating calendars and adding events quickly. Build a long-lasting calendar, in minutes.

Repeating events

Create daily, weekly, montlhy events: perfect for recurring classes and weekly meetings.

3 different views

Choose from monthly, weekly or agenda view for your default display... Or keep them all.


Share and embed anywhere

Share a plain link in your newsletters or on social media. Or just copy paste one small snippet of code on your own website - or any platform. That's it !



Calendars built to help you grow your business

Fully Responsive

It’s easy for your users to view your calendar, whether they’re on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. And it completely adapts to the space you give it on your page.

Add to calendar buttons

Let your audience add your events to their own personal calendar with one click. Having your events directly on their calendar means they are much more likely to attend.

Social share

Makes it easy for your users to share your events on social media or by email. Built-in social share increases the organic reach and awareness for your events and your business.

Link to your event page

Add a link for purchasing or getting more info about your events. Redirect to an EventBrite, Facebook or Meetup page where your users can purchase a ticket or RSVP.

Customize settings

Choose from a variety of settings to display your calendars, like showing only current week or month, choosing a default view, or removing margins to integrate perfectly in your page.


We're here for you ! Contact our support team any time via chat (bottom right of this page) or send us a message, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Ask us anything.

Premium features

Premium features - Coming soon

Fully Customizable

Change colors, backgrounds and typography with a live preview, to better integrate with your website.


Set up notification time for add to calendar butons and collect user data to send reminder emails for events.

Follow calendar

Users can subscribe to your calendar, meaning that your events will appear directly in their personal calendar.

User collaboration

Let several collaborators from your team edit your calendars. Send invites and manage rights for calendars editors.

Stay updated about premium features

Create your first calendar

Try it yourself for free. No credit card required.


Pricing guide

Settle in for free and upgrade once your business is ready.

Our pricing is fair: you'll only pay when your business needs more value out of timeshake.


Monthly package


Unlimited calendars
+ Unlimited events
+ Basic features
+ Standard support


Monthly package


All free features
+ Fully customizable
+ Notifications
+ Follow calendar
+ User collaboration
+ No timeshake branding
+ Priority support

Coming soon !

keep me updated

Questions about timeshake calendars?

Use the chat on the bottom right or send us a message, and a friendly staff member will get back to you as soon as possible. Here are the most frequently asked questions:

What is timeshake?

Online calendars are often not really engaging their audience - timeshake calendars fix that.
Designed with the user in mind, with "add to calendar" buttons and social sharing at their core, they are easy too use and to look at. They are made for being shared, via simple standalone links or embedding in any website or platform.

Can I create calendars for free?

Absolutely! Timeshake is totally free because it is currently still in beta and under development.
When the beta ends, timeshake will have paid plans that unlock extra features not available to free users. You will soon be able to upgrade to a paid plan with premium features, but we will always provide a free plan for the basic features that are currently available.

Can I customize my calendar?

Currently, you can choose from a variety of display settings, but cannot change colors, fonts or backgrounds.
We designed a minimalist and clean calendar that can blend seamlessly in almost any context, and are working hard on a full customization tool, that will be available as a part of the paid plan.

Tell me when it's ready
Can I request features that my business needs?

Please do! We are impatient to hear about what would make your life easier and help your business grow.
We value your feedback a lot and use it to make a better product, so yes, tell us what you need.

Request a feature
What can I do with timeshake?

Timeshake enables you to create, share and embed online calendars.
Here are some of the most popular things business need calendars for: gym classes, corporate events, intranet communication, training sessions planning, community events, city programs, school timetables, conferences, alumni events, seminars, cultural programs, sports games, non-profits, etc.

Who is behind timeshake?

Timeshake was founded by Léna Faure, a French developer who simply got tired of having to code yet another calendar from scratch for a client's website.
To have the clean and minimalist - styled calendar we wanted, we developed this first version of timeshake, that now lets everyone create and share engaging calendars in minutes.